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SATURDAY September 20th 6-8 AM!!!

  • It's The Big One: The Everett Coho Derby! We have the silver scoop for you so tune in and get dialed in!
  • Kevin John joins us with the lowdown on Skagit County in September.
  • Mark Spada is the MC of the Everett Coho Derby and he joins us live!
  • Carmen McDonald of Luhr Jensen has a few surprises for tackle nuts like us!
  • Daiwa Tech Line: River coho mojo!
  • Jet Chevrolet's Picks of the week and much, much more!!!
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  • Trolling Tips for Rainbow Trout

    Rob Endsley and Tom Nelson from the Outdoor Line on 710 ESPN Seattle discuss a couple of their favorite trolling techniques for catching rainbow trout on the lakes of Washington State.

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