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SATURDAY October 11th 6-8 AM!!!

  • It's Openin' Day of Hunting Season and Robbo & Nelly are fired up!
  • Editor of Petersen's Hunting and host of Sportsmen's Channel's "Border to Border" Mike Schoby checks in with his openin' day tactics.
  • Joseph Princen has been railing chinook and coho on the Humptulips despite the low water; here's why you need to be there as the rain begins to fall!
  • Mike Meseburg of Mardon Resort tells us why the Potholes should be on your October priority list!
  • Daiwa Tech Line: Rising river salmon tech.
  • Jet Chevrolet's Picks of the week and much, much more!!!
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  • Goin' Under-Me - The highly anticipated new season of American Horror Story Freak Show will premier on Weds OCT 5 Check out this video before and during the season! The new season will be full of Surprise's with some cool new music as well.

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